Huh, who?

Markus and Sandra are a couple of Swedish software developers who live in Kleinwalsertal and like to spend lots of time outdoors. Perhaps just a little more than their very forgiving employer would find appropriate...

Our motivation

We live without regret. Life is too short to settle with just thinking about it. We are mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains, fascinated by their variety and transience. Where and which activity matters less than just being out, then and there. However, our tours sometimes seem to lead to loads of photos. The bulk of images aims at describing a specific tour for our own reference and possibly for others. Sometimes we also attempt to capture the beauty - if only within the narrow frame chosen at that moment, from that point of view. Either with a focus on nature itself, or including the activity of the day. Occationally, we might even try to describe a special moment out there. Perhaps a moment of presence, or of unexpected beauty, or even (an aspect of) the essence of an activity.

We decided eventually to make the photos public on our homepage, They are organized for two audiences.

For those who seek a tour in the Alps that we happen to have done, we include as many describing photos of the tour as possible, not particularly minding the quality. Eventually, journals will complement the galleries.

For those who are looking for pretty scenery we have a section of nature photography, and also some highlighted pictures under each activity.

All the work we put in to this is for ourselves; after all, a big climb can sometimes be life changing. But like everyone else, we research our tours before going. By making our own experiences available, we hope to give something back to the community. Enjoy! :-)

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The website is presently only available in English. If you come from our old homepage, you might wonder what happened to the bilingual site. Unfortunately, we don't have support for it at SmugMug. If /when multilingual support is added, we will include German and Swedish for navigation, journals and image captions.

Some image captions do include several languages, predominantly those describing flowers, where names are given in English (mostly latin names) with additions in Swedish (our native language) and German (local language).

What about the journals? When are they up?

Got stuck in the mud a little... We're actually done with the tinkering behind the scenes - what's left is the bulk work of choosing and editing journals for reading. Hopefully journals will pop up soon. (January 2016)


We avoid publishing photos of others without explicit consent - especially where the face can be recognized. If there is a photo of you that you wish to remove, we apologize and will have it away immediately. We have a small section for our friends here: Friends. For login details, please contact us using the link in the menu bar or by email.

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