Amp Tour at Liechelkopf, Kleinwalsertal 2015-06-30 -
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New day, full of promise

An alluring aspect of alpine climbing is that it entails so much more than just climbing. Often memorable is the early morning hike to the rock. Seeing the sun rise, and the wildlife awakening - before most have even gotten out of bed.

Take the approach to Liechelkopf from Mittelberg. It is fairly long, but magnificently beautiful. The path to upper Wildental is framed by Alpenrosen, bellflowers and other sprinkles of color. It passes a great waterfall where we always take a brief pause to breathe the fresh air. And then, upper Wildental, tucked away and with a prospering wildlife: Alpine ibex, marmots, chamois and birds all thrive in the quiet corners of these mountains.

This photo is in a moment of joy over the prosperity of a blooming summer's day.

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